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Vietnam Redux

Vietnam Redux.

We must stand up against the Military-Industrial Complex. It is tearing our constitution to ribbons. Robbing us of our lives, liberty 7 happiness. We have already lost so much – Habeas Corpus and Most of our constitutional rights. Predator Missile Drones are everywhere attack allies. Killing innocent people by the thousands. The Patriot Act which Obama has signed back into law twice permits secret agents to open our mail, bug our phone conversation, and read our e-mail. The are inside our computers – Facebook, Twitter, Google, they are all patsys of the NSA.


Vietnam Redux

During my thirty years of backpacking about Asia and the Middle East, I have had many nightmares; however the one that haunts me the most is a ramshackled clinic near Cu chi. The children, born after we left, are the victims of Agent Orange. Some have no eyes, others no arms and legs and some no brain.